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Why Online Apostolic and Prophetic Teachings & Resources, and Bible Schools?

The Body of Christ is presently experiencing a tremendous paradigmshift regarding her true calling and function in the world. This is now more true than at any other time in history.

The need for Biblical and Foundational Apostolic and Prophetic Teachings and Online Bible Schools with teaching and training materials has increased in proportion to the radical changes happening around us daily.

Our prayer is therefore that any Prophetic teachings, schools, lessons, and Apostolic Prophetic Training made available on these pages will serve for the perfecting of the Saints for the work of the Ministry. Also, we trust the Body of Christ will come into a Mature Position of Governmental Authority in Christ!

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Communiqués Prayer and Intercession
Outpouring of the SpiritOutpouring of the Spirit
Let Us return to the LordLet Us return to the Lord
God desires IntimacyGod desires Intimacy...
Pray, Pray, PrayPray, Pray, Pray...
Don't miss the RiverDon't miss the River
The Shifting of the WindThe Shifting of the Wind...
It is Harvest Time!It is Harvest Time!
Prophets anticipated this TimeProphets anticipated this...
Do You also have dry Seasons?Do you have dry Seasons?
It pays to commit our WaysIt pays to commit our ways
Salvation for Our Mind!Salvation for Our Mind!
Communiqué - More Topics to FollowMore Hot Topics to Follow
Prayer and Intercession - Binding and LoosingBinding and Loosing
Prayer and Intercession - Corporate PrayerCorporate Prayer
Prayer and Intercession - Ask Ye of the Lord rain...Ask Ye of the Lord rain...
About Prayer & Intercession RequestsAbout Prayer Requests
Prayer and Intercession - More Topics to FollowMore Hot Topics to Follow
Finances and Business Apostolic Reformation
Finances and Business - Spirit Led GivingSpirit Led Giving
Finances and Business - More Topics to FollowMore Hot Topics to Follow
Apostolic Reformation - IntroductionIntroduction
Apostolic Reformation - More Topics to FollowMore Hot Topics to Follow
The School of Faith
The School of Faith - Faith Comes & Faith MovesFaith Comes & Faith Moves
The School of Faith - More Topics to FollowMore Hot Topics to Follow
Word Studies & Resources Francis Frangipane
Word Studies - Perfecting the ChurchPerfecting the Church
Word Studies - Humility and MeeknessHumility and Meekness
Word Studies - The Humility of JesusThe Humility of Jesus
Word Studies - Near, Wrestle and ContriteNear, Wrestle and Contrite
Word Studies - Pursuing God's PresencePursuing God's Presence
Word Studies - More Topics to FollowMore Hot Topics to Follow
Francis Frangipane - The CupThe Cup
Francis Frangipane - Spirit of Jezebel Part 1Spirit of Jezebel Part 1
Francis Frangipane - Spirit of Jezebel Part 2Spirit of Jezebel Part 2
Francis Frangipane - Word to the Women of GodA Word to the Women of God
Francis Frangipane - Overcoming DiscouragementOvercoming Discouragement
Francis Frangipane - Your Appointment Awaits YouYour Appointment Awaits You
Francis Frangipane - More Topics to FollowMore Hot Topics to Follow

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