Communiqué - August 16, 2006

Dear Friends

As Believers we are required by the Lord to live excellent lives and to live life excellently, not only spiritually but also in the natural.

For many Christians the transition between what we believe spiritually and the way we are supposed to live out our lives from day to day is a constant struggle.

We have all heard the expression, "he/she is so heavenly minded they are no earthly good". This is usually said of someone whose Christian stand and daily lifestyle do not match.

I believe we must be both heavenly minded and of earthly good. The way we accomplish this is through renewing our minds to the Word of God and acting out the Word in our everyday lives.

Dr. Undrai Fizer ( recently published the excellent article "Salvation for Our Mind!" which I am sharing with you today and I believe will be a great blessing in your Christian walk.

Jan van Rooyen

Salvation for Our Mind! by Dr. Undrai Fizer

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The Salvation of the Kingdom, brought forth as a result of Christ' obedience of death on the cross, did not come to simply take away our sins, but to also transform our minds. There are many who feel that salvation is merely the eradication of one's sins, but have not yet comprehended the fact that it is also "the leading cause of highly intense transitions of the mind!"

Our "acts of sin" is not God's biggest problem. The "way we think consistently serves as an enemy to the Will and Purposes of God." Unless the way we perceive everything, and I do mean everything, is changed by the Divine Life of God, we will forever find ourselves "warring against the Purposes, Intentions, and Directives of God!"

We are not "free" because acts of fornication, adultery, idolatry, and such like, have been removed. We are free as a result of experiencing a transformed and reconciled mind. When our minds have been renewed, we will suddenly begin to see ourselves as God sees us... as His very own sons and expressions of His Glorious and Divine Image. If I am free from lust, but yet my mind has not "ascended" into the very Dimensions of the Father and His Son Jesus, I am only "obligating myself to be free from a thing that yet resides in me!" I am warring against my own desire and secret passion. If my mind has not experienced the fearlessness that comes as a result of truly knowing who and what I am, I will forever find myself "competing against the sins that Christ died to free me from!"

A "dead mind" thrives in "dead works!"

If my mind has not experienced freedom, I will find myself empowering rituals that were established from the religion of dead works. A "dead mind" will always find itself thriving in "dead works!" Freedom is too much for the "dead mind!" Many have not yet comprehended the fact that being deprived of the experience that comes in possessing the Mind of Christ, "will indeed leave us as a pawn in the enemy's hand!" When we have not become "one with the Truth" of who we are, what we are, and why we are, "we are powerless against the will of the flesh!" The flesh will have it's way with us "simply because ignorance causes us to be one with the flesh." And if we are one with the flesh, "we naturally have power in the flesh."

The "powers of the flesh" are considered "weaknesses in the flesh" according to the Mind of God. He sees the flesh's power "as weakness," while the flesh sees the Power of God "as irrelevant, weak, and unable to save!" This is why the carnal mind is hostile against the law of the God and cannot, and will not, subject itself to Him.

When we are "empowered in our flesh, we are totally deprived of the power of the Spirit." We become too weak in belief, too weak to learn, as well as too weak to comprehend the Divine Principles of the Truth. When the flesh is in power, we are residing in personal failure. As a matter of fact, disobedience is the "father of the flesh." And whoever your "father" is will empower you indeed. Jesus said to the Pharisees "that the lust of their father will be carried out by them!" Fallen men are "the children of disobedience!" Didn't you know that disobedience "has an offspring?" Well, if disobedience has children, how much more are the children of Obedience? Just asking...

He awaits to see His Mind in us

Just because "sinful acts" have been eradicated from our D.N.A. does not mean we have experienced the Full Expression of the Father's Divine Mentality. We see the Mind of Christ in action as it relates to His pursuit towards us, His brethren. But now, He awaits to see His Mind in us, as well pursue Him, Our Lord, Saviour, and Brother. Salvation cannot be fully realized until we see the fullness of the reconciliation of our mind. And as long as our minds are imprisoned by a dead work, Salvation will continue to be seen as a "decision card, frustrating obligations, and acts of religion." It will continue to be a "form of godliness while yet denying the power of the Kingdom!"

Salvation will be seen "when the Mind of Christ becomes the mind of those who are reading this!" (smile). We must realize that sin "is not just an act, but the manifestations of a mind that is deprived of the total awakening of the Kingdom and the Authority that is given to it." We may all possess an "intellectual understanding" of the Divine Principle of God, but may lack it's fullness as it relates to our daily life practices, decision making and discernment, and cultural experiences. We may possess an intellectual understanding of the Mentality of Holiness, but it may be the result of "religious perspectives that are based from our personal heritage, history, and sincere ignorance."

This is why many people are "frustrated when it comes to submitting themselves to teaching, counsel, and correction." We feel that the only problem that needed fixing "was our acts of sin." We didn't realize that the way we "think and perceive" was in need of salvation as well. This is why many "good people" are frustrated with God, His Will, and His Intentions. They feel that possessing "a good heart, good intentions, and an honest respect towards humanity" is an expression of the Father's Divine Mind "when in fact, it is not!" They become sore and vexed in spirit when the Father subjects them to a Breaking of the Spirit.

What the flesh can't control, it can't understand!

You see, the fallen mind "feasts itself off of good works of the flesh," but it fails miserably in the Comprehension of the Father's Mind. Whatever the flesh cannot control "it will not be able to understand!" The fallen mind desires the power to control it's own destiny. The fallen mind "perverts and manipulates the Truth of God into a thing that accommodates it's own desires, weakness, and ignorance." The fallen mind will never give itself over to die. Whatever it cannot control "it will not be able to comprehend!" The fallen mind seeks to be "good," but it cannot endure the Process that would produce "the Mind of God within!"

There is a Truth from God "that will totally disturb and shake every truth that we previously thought were truths." You see, the Experience of the Reconciliation of the Mind, comes as a result of "living, time, seasons, and choices." As we live, we will find ourselves being introduced to seasons and transitions that will compel us to make definite choices in order to continue effectively in life. And from the severity of the decisions we must make, the Intentions of the Kingdom will become more and more revealed.

The Writings of DOMINION were derived from Insights that were produced from the Significant Processes of Maturity within the lives Undrai & Bridget Fizer.

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"God loved us so much that He decided to draw us out of comfortable places, into the Dimensions that will finally produce the Freedom that we thought we would get from the comfort zones. He used the pain to produce the Reign, and the Transitions to produce Dominion Positions!" - Undrai

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