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This Word Study comes from one of my sons in the Lord, Prophet Derek Ward. God has grown this young man into a powerful Prophet and man of God.

I trust you will enjoy this teaching.

Jan van Rooyen

The Humility of Jesus - by Prophet Derek Ward

Foundation scriptures: Phil 2:5-9; Matt 11:29; 26:63; 27:14

One of the pre-requisites for us to walk in the humility of Jesus, is that we have an intimate walk with Him. To be intimate with Him means that our lives become completely intertwined with His.

Get "mixed up" with Jesus

It means we are "mixed" thoroughly with the Lord. It is out of this intimacy that Christlike character traits are born and developed, and this includes humility.

We can safely say that Jesus was the most humble person to ever walk the face of the earth. He came to this world because He loves us, which means His humility was born out of His love for us.

Because He continually walked in humility before the Father, Jesus enjoyed the favour of God upon His life (Isaiah 66:2; Luke 2:52).

The same can be said of Noah, who "walked with God" and had "found grace" in the eyes of the Lord (Gen 6:8,13,22). We see that Noah did what the Lord expected of him (Gen 7:5).

Was Noah a humble man?

Do you think Noah was a humble man? I think he was. His humility caused him to do exactly what God commanded him to do. He trembled at the Word of the Lord. He was not only a hearer of the Word, but also a doer of the Word (James 1:22).

Noah built his house upon the Rock of the Word, and when the flood came, his house (ark) "floated" and was not destroyed.

We see here a beautiful example of the principle where God resists the proud, but gives grace to the humble (1 Pet 5:5).

God wanted to destroy the whole earth and all its inhabitants, but because of Noah's humility and reverence for God, God saved Noah and his family.

It can clearly be seen that those who were destroyed by the flood, were proud and arrogant. They did not even recognise that they were displeasing to the Lord, because their lack of obedience to the Word caused them to be deceived (James 1:22).

David pleased the Lord

David was another person who pleased God. He tells us in Psalm 38 of a particularly difficult time in his life. Apart from his troubles, one thing shines through clearly, his humility.

It is clear that in his time of need he did not try to do something on his own, but was fully submitted and humble before the Lord to flow according to His will and purposes.

David's humility caused him to "spill the beans" to the Lord. He told everything, and did not try to hide things from God. He was not wearing a mask or "fig leaves" of his own righteousness (Gen 3:7).

His humility made him speak in total honesty about his sin. In verse 14 we see that he did not even retaliate against his enemies. In this he was the same as Jesus who did not retaliate during His trial before Pilate (Matt 26:63; 27:13-14).

Christlike "retaliation"

What is our reaction when we are wronged? Do we retaliate in defense of ourselves, or do we allow the Spirit of God to work a death in us which will produce a true Christlike character?

A truly humble heart has nothing to defend. It remains unaffected by the actions of those around us.

It will cause love, grace and mercy to flow from us. Humility flows from love in the first place, as we see in Gal 5:22,23.

The first fruit mentioned here is the fruit of love, and it says in verse 23 that there is no law against these fruit.

The Word also tells us that if we walk in love we have fulfilled the law (Rom 13:10; Gal 5:14), which simply means that all the fruit are encompassed and contained in love.

Humility is one of these fruits.

Back to David again

The times and seasons of failure in his life can be traced back directly to his failure to humble himself before the Lord.

The incidident with Bathsheba and Uriah (2 Samuel 11:2-17) is an example that we are all familiar with. In 2 Samuel 5:19-25 we see David's army defeat the army of the Philistines.

What was the secret of his success here? Simple, he humbled himself before the Lord by praying and enquiring from Him regarding his warfare strategy.

Can we relate this to us as individuals and a ministry, today? Yes, we can!

We are at present waiting on the Lord concerning strategy on how to bring about transformation in our city. I believe that as we continue to humble ourselves before the Lord, He will give us a definite answer.

Despite the recent setbacks we've experienced, if we continue to bow low before Him and maintain an attitude of humility, He will give us the answers we need!

In His Service

Derek Ward

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