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Three words: "nigh" or "near", "wrestle" and "contrite"

To "draw near" or "draw nigh", "to seek" - James 4:8; 2 Chronicles 15:2

Old Testament: "seek" - Heb. darash - daw-rash' - (Strongs #1875); to tread or frequent, to follow, to pursue, to search, to ask, to worship, to seek diligently, to inquire, to make inquisition, to require, to care for, to examine.

New Testament: draw "nigh" or "near" - Gr. eggizo - eng-id'-zo - (Strongs #1448); to make near, to approach, to be close at hand, to come near.
Gr. eggus - eng-goos' (Strongs #1451); to be near as in place or time, to take a hold of (like grabbing someone by the arm, almost forcefully)

To "wrestle" - Genesis 32:24,25

Old Testament: "wrestle" Heb. abaq - aw-bak' (Strongs #79); to grapple or wrestle, to clasp round. Heb. abaq - aw-bawk (Strongs #80); light particles, dust, powder, small dust.

To be "contrite" - Psalm 51:17

Old Testament: from Heb. daka - daw-kaw' (Strongs #1792); to crumble, to fall or be beat to pieces, crushed or grounded finely into powder, humble.

How does this apply to us as Christians today?

We must seek Him with all of our hearts, with all of the above attributes applied practically in our seeking. It means a deliberate drawing close to Him and then He will draw close to us.

In His Love and Anointing

Jan van Rooyen

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