Apostolic Reformation - Introduction Apostolic Life Strategies to change the WorldApostolic Reformation - Introduction Two Thousand years of Change

Apostolic Life Strategies to change the World

Jesus instructed His disciples in Mark 16 verse 15 to go into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature.

This was an apostolic command not only to the 12 that were mentored and trained by Him personally, but also to those who would become disciples in the future. People like you and I.

Jesus ministered as an Old Testament Prophet before His death and resurrection, but after He rose from the dead He spoke and ministered as our Apostle and High Priest (Hebrews 3:1).

As He released and sent His twelve disciples into the world, they were released under His Apostolic Anointing and as such were anointed to function and minister as apostles.

The initial sending forth

The sending forth of the twelve apostles was an apostolic strategy birthed by the Holy Spirit in and through Jesus to reach the world with the Gospel.

This initial sending forth was the beginning of God's thrust to reach the world with His Message of hope. It was the end-time apostolic strategies in embryonic form that would eventually culminate in the greatest revival and harvest of souls this world has ever seen.

There was so much spiritual impetus and anointing released in this sending forth that we are still benefitting today from that release 2000 years ago.

As born-again Spirit-filled believers in the Lord Jesus Christ you and I are the direct result of the apostolic strategy released when Jesus sent His disciples into the world.

As a result of this impartation, the Holy Spirit continues to release apostolic strategies for our day and age, even though the world we live in is vastly different from the time where Jesus lived.

Two Thousand years of Change

During the past two thousand years there have been many changes in the world.

There have been wars, famines, droughts, etc, but at the same time, God raised up many men and women, churches, ministries and denominations who were prepared to pay the price to follow Him.

These men and women were anointed by the Spirit and He gave them apostolic and prophetic strategies to bring change and deliverance about in the society of their day.

Some of the famous names are, Martin Luther, Count Von Zinzendorf, Rees Howells, Smith Wigglesworth, John Lake, and many, many others.

Foundational Living

Despite the valiant efforts of these wonderful people and many before and after them, their works of faith were only foundational and preparational for the end-time move of God (Hebrews 11).

Their lives were sown as the seeds in the soil of the Spirit that would bring forth the ultimate Apostolic Restoration and Reformation you and I have the privilege of participating in today.

We are once again living in a time where God is releasing apostolic and prophetic strategies on a massive scale. God is not only releasing these strategies, but He is also restoring the ministry of the Apostle and Prophet.

Part and parcel of the vision and mission of RAIN International is to teach, train and equip Christian Believers utilising the apostolic and prophetic life strategies and skills that God is releasing at this time.

Raising up Breakthrough Believers!

The seminars, training schools, and times of ministry I conduct are all geared towards this goal. Raising up breakthrough Christian Believers, churches, ministries, and Christian businesses.

The Church of Jesus Christ is yet to see and experience Her finest hour, and it is our privilege to present you with some of what the Holy Spirit is doing in the Church today.

Bookmark these pages and visit regularly. I continuously add new and fresh material to our pages and we would like share the Word of God with you.

In His Love and Anointing

Jan van Rooyen

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