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What are RSS News Feeds?

RSS is an acronym for Really Simple Syndication (see Wiki). RSS is another method of accessing information on the RAIN International SA website or any other website existing on the world wide web.

Instead of you having to subscribe to an eMail List and the Sp@m Filters on your server deleting your legitimate emails, with RSS the information is sent directly to your computer.

This means when you subscribe to Wings of Fire News or any of our other online publications, you receive instant notification on your computer (you must have an RSS News Reader installed) and you are presented with a link to the new content.


How do I subscribe to the RSS News Feeds of RAIN International?

Firstly, you will need to download an RSS Reader (sometimes called an aggregator) and install it on your computer. To download your Free RSS Reader, visit HERE now...

To view the contents of a website in your RSS Reader, the website must have an RSS (XML) feeds channel set up to work with your news reader. You will recognise an RSS Feeds Link is available when you see this orange RSS box:RSS Feeds Button

Having installed your new RSS Reader, go to the website of your choice containing the RSS feeds you like. Once you have located the RSS button, copy the link into your RSS Reader (Paste the link by clicking the "File" button and follow the prompts from the menu for adding the feeds/channel).

You should now be able to see new headlines available in your RSS Reader.


What RSS News Feeds are available?
The following RSS News Feeds are available from RAIN International:


Do your RSS News Feeds cost me anything?
RAIN International SA provides RSS News Feeds/Channels at no cost to you. To make a donation, visit our Strategic Partnership Page HERE...


I Still Can't Get it to Work!
For assistance with RSS and other RSS related queries, contact or email us HERE...

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How do I subscribe to the RSS News Feeds What RSS News Feeds are available?

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