Prophecy South Africa 09 December 1988 Prophecy South AfricaProphecy SA 09.12.1988Prophecy for South Africa - 09 December 1988 - Pretoria  Prophecy for South Africa - 09 December 1988 Prophecy SA

I saw a vision of the map of Southern Africa. The subcontinent was covered in darkness and I could see the outlines of the coast. My vision was drawn to the most southern tip of Southern Africa towards the area of Cape Town and the surrounding area.

I saw a fire bursting forth and spreading towards the north. At the same time I saw many small specks of light all over the subcontinent, including Botswana, Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Angola. These little lights were small fires that continued to burn brighter and brighter, and it seemed as if somehow all of the fires were linked and burning in concert with one another.

As I continued to pray about the vision, the Lord gave me the following word for South Africa:

South Africa is serving false gods and idols and she is hiding behind religion. She acts as if she is circumcised but she lacks the true circumcision of the heart. Pray and intercede that the Fire of God will strip away these facades and show us the utter sinfulness of our hearts.

The Father says that He will wait for a season, but there will come a time when the intercessors will not be heard and the nation will be forced to turn and listen to Him. God is going to strip away, from the government down to the lowest citizen, and reveal all corruption and evil. All that is hidden in government and business will be revealed. If the nation does not repent soon, things of utter shame and horror will be revealed.

If we turn to God with all of our hearts, and seek Him like a precious treasure, He will restore seven times more and this land will become an example to the rest of the world. This land will be used as a springboard for evangelizing the world. Great missionary effort will go forth from this land and God will reap a great and generous harvest both spiritually and materially on behalf of this nation.

(This prophecy given to Jan van Rooyen on 09 December 1988 during prayer, in Elardus Park, Pretoria, South Africa)

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