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Prophecy released in Durban by Ps. Randolph & Rene Barnwell - 01st January, 2020

DUE SEASON! Happy New Year!

The next decade from 2020 to 2030 promises to be a spiritually significant one of great fulfilment of God's Word, referable to His purposes and plans for corporate Households of Faith and for individuals. This year, 2020, signals the start of this process.

May you ALIGN your life, perception, discernment, desires and commitment with God's Heavenly agenda for you on this Earth. And may you SYNC these into His timetable of heightened MOMENTUM of the PACE of His unfolding will. We anticipate this next year and decade will be one of ACCELERATION of Divine purpose in all its multifaceted dimensions.

The following list of Words are bouncing around in our spirit. May they be all of our experience:

Immediately, Acceleration, Speed, Momentum, Velocity, Rapidity, Fast, Quickening, Expedition, Suddenly, Throttle, Ramp Up, Step Up, Fast-Track, Due Season, Fulfilment, Get Ready, Faith, Hope, Anticipate, Expect.

Consider John 6:16-21 for your meditation today:

John 6:19-21, "They had rowed three or four miles when SUDDENLY they saw Jesus walking on the water toward the boat. They were terrified, but he called out to them, 'Don't be afraid. I am here!' Then they were EAGER to let him in the boat, and IMMEDIATELY they arrived at their destination!" (NLT)

The disciples had been rowing in the dark and gusty winds for approx. 6 km, on storm-tossed sea waters. They feared. Jesus came walking on the waters to them and allayed their fears. THEY EAGERLY RECEIVED HIM into their boat, and ...IMMEDIATELY... they were at their intended destination - Capernaum - no more using personal human sweat and energy to ROW. Just the reception of Jesus into their boat fast-tracked their momentum and SUDDENLY, or IMMEDIATELY, they were on the other side.

May this too be your experience from 2020 to 2030. May you cease from your own ROWING efforts amidst the storms of life and RECEIVE a new ENTRANCE of GRACE represented by the person of CHRIST into YOUR BOAT (life, ministry, calling, marriage, work, etc.). There is a quicker way to get from WHERE YOU ARE to WHERE YOU DESIRE TO GO in God! It is by GRACE and not HUMAN TOIL. Capernaum means 'comfort' and 'consolation' - may your life 'arrive' here and abide here consistently.

May grace propel your movements in God with increased rapidity.

Have an 'ACCELERATED' 2020

Great Grace and Much Love

Randolph 'n Rene Barnwell

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