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Prophecy by Reverend Ron Kussmaul on 26 July 2005.

For surely, says the Lord, I have brought you to this point because time is running out. As time compresses, I will use my people in new ways that you know not of. But harden not your hearts, yield yourselves to Me, open the eyes of your understanding and allow Me to be the God that is in thee.

And know this, I have to use My people. I always work through My people. So I have to use you. Become as clay in My hands and I will mould and fashion new vessels for you and give you new garments that shine as bright as the noonday sun. And you shall use these garments from time to time to do certain things that I have much need to accomplish in the earth.

I must use my body now, more and more, and more and more. I will use as many of My body as will yield themselves to Me. The time is coming and now is... (tongues)

You will see, you will read about and you will hear about fearful sights and damaging things around this earth. Fear thou not! Do not be dismayed! These things must happen to shake loose what I am going to shake loose for My body. It is the time and it is the season, the fulfillment of all things is the reason and one last great harvest must be reaped, and that harvest comes and I will finance that harvest through you. And I will cause you to be receptors to receive what the heathen will loose. I have always overthrown kings and potentates and dictators that have fought against My people and My Word. It is still that way today. And I am removing some, I am also causing some to change the way they live and the way they think and the way they see.

You will be startled at the number of people, ungodly people, who are known across the world, by name, who will come into the kingdom of God, as a child leads a lamb and they will come in and change and shape nations for Me. For I have a need of them, says the Lord. You will see things and understand things that you heretofore have not. But be not afraid and do not be dismayed. These things are happening for a purpose and a reason and it's all about this season that you are in.

I have no choice, I must use you. I must use you because of the lateness of the hour and the greatness of the task. I have to have all My people working and flowing together in this time of harvest. We are harvesting finances. We are harvesting land. We are harvesting buildings. We are harvesting corporations and concepts. And in your lifetime, you will be astounded at the creations, the inventions and the methods that are given birth to on the earth, in your lifetime. Work with Me. Allow Me to use you, always look into My Word, never back away from My Word. But develop a hearing ear. Listen for My voice for I will speak through My Prophets and through the Holy Spirit to you. Those of you who can develop a hearing ear, we shall have great times together. We shall ride on the high places of the earth together and do mighty deeds and when we look back one short decade from today, you will be amazed ... seeing as it were and then lead you into it because it is a perfect position that I have created for your life. Do not fear Me and do not back away but take the challenge, says the Lord.

So the Prophets ministry will increase. And the Prophets will begin to speak and certain things will begin to take shape. Nations will simply open up and blossom and change course. And because of background, because of history, because of the past, it will be difficult for some to adjust to tomorrow. But all of you have a destiny to fulfil. I have given you a destiny and fulfill it you will. Fulfill it you will. For My hand will be mighty on the earth. New creations. New inventions. New technologies. This whole field will blossom and grow. I will use even some of you to birth some ideas and some inventions into your life in time. Do not back away but understand exactly what I am (saying). Always look into the Word, never turn from My Word. But this you must hear. This you must categorize, this you must catalogue. Your words have been stout against Me. Your words have been stout against Me. No, not Me personally. Don't look at Me personally, says the Lord. Against My Word. Guard your lips! Guard your lips! Guard your lips! Guard your lips! If it's not pleasing to Me don't say it. But always speak what you want, not what you have. Always speak what you want not what you have. Never pray and tell Me what you don't have, I already know that. Start confessing what you need and what you want. Start saying your desires. Never tell Me, O God, O God, fix this and fix that. I know that which is broken because of your words. Change your words and change your life. Change your words - change your life!

What you call prayer, is not what I call prayer. Change your words, change your life! I know your heart, I know you have aches and pains. I know you don't have enough money. I know this and I know that. You don't need to tell Me that for I know those things. Pray the future! Pray the future! Pray the future! Say the future! Always confess where you are going, what you want and confess it like you have it now. Like it's there right now and it will be. For generation upon generation have fought and struggled, this generation will cease that, and this generation, My body itself shall rise up from within and set a new standard. In a short decade, a new standard of the Gospel shall be raised... (Tongues)

...set the church that you know not will take place. A brand new concept. It's what I call church. But you will find it out in the days to come. Because I am changing My body and I am changing My church into the church of the Living God, into a church of power. It won't be a church that prays, O God, give us power! It will be a church that walks in My power. That displays the glory of God and tackles problems far bigger than they can imagine ever doing, and those days are upon us now. So understand it is time to gird up the loins of your mind and be all that you can be. And be open to new things and changes. Accept them and flow with them and become part of what I am doing in this earth. I have much to tell you, I have much to give you and I have much to show you.

Open your hearts so that I can do that. Those 3 things I have desired for generations and in this generation I shall do that. And the days grow shorter and shorter till the time that you will walk in it.

Father, we worship you and praise you and love you Lord God. Father, we just give you praise, honour and glory. We worship you Lord, we worship you Lord Jesus. Precious, precious Lord Jesus. Hallelujah, mighty Jesus.

I want you to stand up. The anointing of God is very tangible in this place. Raise your hands and open Your hearts. Miracle power is flowing ...ministry...

And Father from this day forth, I thank you that this group hears your voice and this group obeys your voice. In the midst of incoming turmoil they will always do things your way. And because of that other people will look upon them, Lord God, and come to them for advice. We won't have to seek the lost out, the lost will seek the found out. And once they find us Lord, they will be changed forever. Father I thank you for new businesses. I thank you Lord, for re-posturing, re-structuring old businesses and help them spring into profitability in Jesus name. I thank you for new ways of conducting these businesses, new methods, new concepts and new insights into fulfillment of these businesses. And Father, I thank you from the greatest to the least that prayer is initiated tonight. And Father, by the time that we meet next Tuesday, there will be testimonies spring forth that has already taken place. Father, these are the days of Your glory. These are the days when we live the story. These are the exploits that will be chronicled in heaven. And these are the things that the saints will he excited about. And Father, we love You so much. Thank You for sending Jesus, without that tremendous sacrifice we could not do these things and could not be here tonight. Now Holy Spirit, move like a wind and a fire in this congregation ...(Tongues)

...Purge, teach, touch, change for the battle. Thank You Lord. Thank You Lord Jesus. Thank You mighty God. Hallelujah. Raise your hands, praise the Lord...

Praise God! We thank You for all that You have done in our lives and all that You are doing, and all that You will do. Use us Lord God. We are available. Use us each and everyone, we're available Lord God.

Father, we will never be fearful, we will never be dismayed. We will follow Your Spirit and we will live Your Word each day of our existence in Jesus name. And we will go from existence to divine life, way on the other side of divine health in Jesus name. Amen. Hallelujah.

(Prophecy through Reverend Ron Kussmaul on 26 July 2005.

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