A New Season of Vindication - February 2005 - Dennis Cramer  A New Season of Vindication - February 2005

Prophetic word through Dennis CramerDennis Cramer Ministries - February 2005. Visit his website here: www.denniscramer.com
The Sons of Issachar Have Been Re-Activated!

The Bible tells us little about these prophetic "sons of Issachar" (I Chron.12:32) except that they apparently possessed an incredible propheticprophetic sensitivity to discern, to distinguish, and to truly know the spiritual "now" seasons of God as He moved upon the earth. They were especially adept at knowing what God's people should do, that is, how God's people should respond to the particular season of God they were in at the moment.

"And of the children of issacharIssachar, which had understanding of the times to know what God's people should do…"

As a prophetic "son of Issachar" I declare by the Spirit of God that a wonderful new seven-year seasonseason, a "now" season, a "Jubilee" season is upon you right now. It is time "now" to rejoice, for God has made your enemies His footstool! (Ps.110:1) Just think of that: He has made YOUR enemies, HIS footstool. Frightening isn't it?

Today, Today, Today…

Although true prophetic skills must include the ability to know beforehand what God is doing (prophetic foreknowledge), a true son of Issachar will know TODAY what God is doing right here, right now. I have been impressed of the Lord with just such a "now" word for you, a "word in season," a powerful and liberating prophetic word for you TODAY! With this "now" prophetic word there is no waiting required, there will be no delays, and no futuristic application will be necessary. In this case, today means today! Now means now!

Literally, right now, as you read this prophetic declaration God is at work in your life vindicating you. He is busy "behind the scenes" working on your behalf. A new seven-year period of great spiritualspiritual release is upon you! Your years of persecution and suffering "for His name's sake" are about to pay off.

The Past Seven Years!

The year 2004 marked the end of a brutal spiritual season for many. At first I did not discern this or the magnitude of this new 2005 supernatural season we are now experiencing. But I now believe it was and is a truly awesome, Church-wide, go-to-the-next-level unprecedented supernaturalsupernatural shift. One supernatural season has ended and a distinctly new and better supernatural season in God has begun!

"One supernatural season has ended and a distinctly new and better supernatural season in God has begun, says the Lord!"

Wounded Soldiers

Unnoticed by most, the Holy Spirit began to move around mid-January, setting off a chain reaction of spiritual events for all who have "endured hardship as a soldier of Jesus Christ." If you've been enduring hardship, if you've been wounded, especially by "friendly fire" this new season is just for you! You're about to be healed.

In a word, this new season is all about vindication. It's not about you exacting vengeance or "getting even." Not at all. Instead, it's about vindicationvindication from God for the past seven years as you have endured suffering as His faithful soldier.

Not Guilty!

Yes, you are about to be rewarded. The truth is about to come out, you are about to be freed from alleged charges against you. You are about to be absolved and acquitted. The Lord is about to announce over you, "Not guilty!" Victims are about to rejoice and your accusers are about to be silenced!

You're not being paroled, you're being acquitted!

Back To The Sons of Issachar

This truly invaluable supernatural ability that these prophetic servants possessed to know what God was doing at that precise moment in time in the spirit realm certainly served these "sons" well. This precise prophetic ability is what put them on the prophetic map so to speak. It's what got them noticed, it's what they built their reputation on. They earned the trust of those who listened to them for one simple reason: what they said prophetically was accurate, applicable, beneficial, and most of all very, very timely.

Like a "son of Issachar" I often find myself writing to the church when I discern a new season is upon Her. I believe we have just entered such a season-a very, very exciting season indeed! I also believe I have a very, very timely word of encouragement for the churchchurch. And this includes you!

Your Day Is At Hand!

I believe that countless believers just like you have lived through a seven-year period of great personal hardship, especially in the area of damaged or even severed personal and ministry relationships. All this is going to change rapidly. If you've been victimized by sinners or saints, get ready. Your day is at hand!

Specifically, you have been waiting for vindication from past injustices, betrayals, and abandonments and the subsequent disillusionment it has created.

"Ding-Dong The Witch Is Dead!"

Frankly, the root problem has been about witchcraft in the church. The spirit of witchcraft that has decimated and dissected you is finally being exposed. You paid a great price for your integrity, your character, and your honesty. Yes, it cost you a great deal to be a true follower of Jesus Christ. You may have even appeared to many to be the "bad guy' when in fact you were actually the victim of a spiritual crime. Again, all that is going to change. The Lord would say to you today,

"The days of your morning are over, your Jubilee year is now upon you. I have begun your vindication. It will come swiftly."

Ezekiel said it this way,

"None of my words will be prolonged any more, but the word which I the Lord have spoken to you shall be done now." (Eze.12:28)

A Word For Leaders

I declare prophetically that a season of great vindication and long overdue justice for you, especially if you are one of His leaders, is upon you right now. God has already begun the necessary process of vindicating you. You have suffered betrayal, false accusation, broken promises, and abandonment long enough.

As a result you've been disillusioned about the call of God upon your life far too long. Be encouraged: The Lord is delivering you from the results of past problems, situations, and circumstances that delayed, or in some extreme cases, actually robbed you of your destiny in God. I hear the Lord saying to you,

"All will be as it was suppose to be, says the Lord. There will be no part of your destiny delayed, and no part of your destiny denied. Is there anything too hard for me?"

Vindication, Vindication, Vindication

Indeed, vindication is the key word, the "now" word of the Lord. I hear it in my spirit loud and clear for you. To all His wonderful and wounded warriors, to all who have suffered abuse at the hands of others, the Lord would comfort you with these words in season.

"I am vindicating you now. You are being exonerated now, you are about to experience true justice now."

Power, Gifting and Authority

You are now about to experience the promotion in God you have waited patiently for. The seven years of explosive increase of power, gifting, and authority is yours for the taking. Indeed, you are going to the next level. The promises of God in your life are about to be wonderfully and powerfully fulfilled very quickly.

Your Response?

Now here's the hard part of this prophetic promise, the part you will really need "ears to hear." Often a prophecy's impact is only as good as the response to it. Whether or not this prophecy for the church impacts you personally, depends entirely on your proper and biblical response.

A prophecyprophecy's impact is only as good as your response to it.

No doubt you will be asked by God to participate in the healing and restoration of formerly broken relationships, especially with Christians. Please do so graciously and humbly, just as Christ would. Say yes to any and all whom are looking to be reconciled with you.

Olive Branches

I predict that people, saved and unsaved, from your past will soon visit you. They will come with olive branches in their hands looking to establish peace with you. I urge you to accept their offering and participate enthusiastically in the peace process.

God's part during this new seven year season will be to vindicate you in incredible ways. Like Joseph you are coming out of your dungeon and are about to experience God's great favor upon your life, a true season of amazing promotion awaits you.

However, your part, and this is critical, is to "…not rejoice when your enemies fall." (Pro.24:17)

So, welcome to your seven-year Jubileejubilee season!

Denny Cramer
Dennis Cramer MinistriesDennis Cramer Ministries

(Prophetic word through Dennis CramerDennis Cramer Ministries - February 2005. Visit his website here: www.denniscramer.com)

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