2005 - Year of Acceleration - 07 January 2005 - Jonathan David  2005 - Year of Acceleration - 07 January 2005

Prophetic Word for 2005

Prophetic word through Dr. Jonathan DavidJonathan David for 2005 - 7th January 2005. Visit his website here: www.jonathan-david.org.

The days ahead of us a Year of Acceleration towards the destinies that God has ordained for each nation. We are not only in the Kairos of God; the set time and allotted time of favour but we are in acceleration towards bringing all things within that time frame into completion.

Church Moving by the Spirit into Kairos Hour of Favour

There is a strong quickening anointing that is hastening the process of fulfilment of His promises and His purposes. God in His mercy and with the present outpouring of the Holy Spirit has moved His church into a new Kairos of His Favour. He has moved them into alignment with His plans and purposes. He has upgraded and updated them with all that He is saying and doing. The churchchurch has been freshly baptized with the propheticprophetic grace and revelations (Proverbs 20: 12). This has caused the church to become fully aware of the time we are living in and have placed upon them an urgency that we need to keep abreast with His movements here on the earth.

This prophetic awareness has brought about a sober evaluation of where we are spiritually. It has unveiled the spiritual state we are in and has given us His perspectives on all that is happening to us and around us. This has only magnified our need for more of Him and a deep intense cry of passion, love and hunger is rising to meet God.

Like the virgins who have heard the cry of the bridegroomís friend, the church is rising from her slumber. There is an acute awareness that we are living in the final days of time and at the edge of eternity. The church is beginning to trim her lamps and she is shining brighter into her community. There is a greater vibrance and radiance in the churches that have embraced the prophetic voice of the Holy Spiritspirit through His prophets on the earth. There is a sense of freshness and excitement that the final encounter with the bridegroom will happen soon. This anticipation is across the earth in every true church of God that has been revived and refreshed by the spiritual activities of the Holy Spirit in the bride.

Those who had allowed a greater capacity of God to develop in their lives for God, will see a well of water rising from within them. The five wise virgins found that they had oil reserves within them while the foolish ones were only now trying to go to the dealers to buy oil.

For those of us who have been labouring long in His Presence, those who have been praying through with fasting and pressing into God with intense passion, you are in for a surprise! God will breakout from within you like the breakforth of many waters. God will rise within you and His glory shall be seen upon you. Those who have been tirelessly toiling shall see that they have enlarged their spiritual capacity and God has broken up the fallow ground and created more space within them. God is going to graciously reward those who have been making room for Him in their hearts and in their lives. Those who have been removing the obstacles, the hindrances of the flesh and the weights from their hearts are going to see a fresh approval from God, in that He will consume the sacrifice and fill that area of their lives with Himself.

The years ahead of us are times we have been crying and praying for. These are the days of fulfilment of what God had spoken to us in the past. This is the future He has always promised you. These are the days you have seen only as a dream. The day of fulfilment is here. This day of reality is here. This is the beginning of the best days of your life. (Ezekiel 12: 22 - 23; 27 - 28)

Destiny to be Reached in this Year of Acceleration

This is the Year of Acceleration. You and I are going to move quickly towards our destiny and towards our finish. I want you to be encouraged and motivated to make all efforts abound as you press into this year of Godís purposes for your lives.

God has placed upon my heart an awesome sense of destiny.destiny He is releasing me to say things I have waited years for to receive. He has been gracious to touch my lips once again to carry a word that will sustain you and cause you to prevail in the years ahead. Receive this word of Grace which is able to build you up and give you an inheritance among the saints. (Acts 20:32)

The Year 2005 is the Year of Acceleration. This year will speed up and hasten the processes of time moving all things in heaven and on earth toward the consummation of ages. 2005 is the beginning of that move of God to bring all things to a place called finish. (Hebrews 9:26 - 28)

God is intervening upon the earth, to bring into the consciousness of men that things will not go on as usual. This paradigm is rudely interrupted and challenged. Men will no longer be able to maintain a mind that all things will continue just as it was from the beginning of creation. (2 Peter 3:4 - 5) He will confront the wise in His wisdom and the arrogant mockers in their folly. God in His mercy do not want the world to perish but come to His saving knowledge.

2005 is the beginning of a New Awakening of God consciousness on the earth. The spiritual awareness of eternity and the frailty of human lives has hit us hard through the tsunami disaster that hit Asia on the 26th December 2004. Godís time has clocked in. Men have been arrested in the minds that life is fragile, and the earth is just a temporary dwelling!

Power to Save, Heal and Deliver

This year will be arrested with a God consciousness unlike any other years. They kept feeling a sense of Awe in the book of Acts because God was manifesting with signs, wonders, miracles and supernatural healings (Acts 2:43). Not only will we see world events that prove the frailty of men and the need for God but the apostolic and prophetic ministries will be intensely used to bring in the consciousness of Godís awesome Presence into the earth and not just the church. There will be a supernatural release of His power to save, heal and deliver His people in this year 2005.

The second most powerful feature of this Year of Acceleration is that God will quicken the Process of maturity in the saints moving them from being a saint into a son. The awesome powerpower of His presence will create a God consciousness that will lead to wisdom. The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. Men will choose to walk wisely as they sense more and more of Him. The church will become arrested with His Presence not just during times of worship or corporate gathering but also on a personal encounter with God. God will dwell among the candlesticks. He will no longer be an Unseen guest in your house or a silent listener to your conversations. The God whom you seek in the heavens will manifest suddenly among His people in the temple (Malachi 3:1). The acute consciousness of His Presence and our spiritual state before Him will become an ongoing experience these years ahead of us as we move towards our destiny and eternity!

The church will mature quickly in their lives and character. There will be a sudden explosion of maturity. Even the new believers will mature quickly and rise to leadership responsibilities. Many unlikely candidates will arise in the midst of Godís people. Many will come out of their cares to the frontlines of the battle field. Many will come out of their shells and into the days of their manifestation. The maturity of the believers must move from benefits of salvation to become products or fruits of salvation. Most believers enjoy only the benefits of what Christ has done for them. But in this year God will get fruits from His people. Many sons will be brought into glory (Hebrews 2:10).

The quickening gracegrace will speed up the processes of maturity in the believers. There will be a maturing in their thinking patterns thus a permanent change of lifestyles. Metamorphosis is irreversible change not temporary change! There will be a strong maturing in the area of their emotions as thoughts control feelings. There will also be a maturing within the attitudes and motives of the believers. There will be intense revelations of the power of the cross and the price paid for our salvation that will see the pulling down of self and the works of the flesh in our lives. This is not the die to self, self inflicting cult but a people who will volunteer freely in the Day of His Powers (Psalm 110 :3). There will be tremendous joy of knowing the power of the fellowship in His sufferings. God will find a people for Himself who will gladly and willingly give their lives to Him to serve His purpose. There will be yieldedness in the church to present themselves wholly and fully unto God. God does not have to bruise His sons to bring them into obedience.

Authority Released

The third significant feature of this Year of Acceleration is that many will find special power in His Presence to be equipped and empowered to do all that God has given us to do in this hour. There will be a tremendous enabling grace as well as the necessary ingredients of wisdom, provision and personal favour to finish Godís will on the earth. Those who have been commissioned by God should expect no trouble (Ecclesiastes 8:4-5). When God has called you on a royal commission you will not experience any trouble or resistance as you are covered under His Word of authority.

The Centurion Soldier understood the power of authorityauthority and what the words of a man with authority will do. (Matthew 8:8 - 9) The Word of authority will do what the Person in authority can do! When God has called you to execute His plans do not compromise on your primary assignment. When we compromise on His will, we will destroy our future. Do not compromise on obedience as it will alter your destiny.

Kingdom Advancement

There is a new generation of people God is selecting and commissioning who will have an uncommon commitment to finish the course. They will pursue one great decisive aim with force and sheer determination until they have attained the goal. They wonít quit the goal short of attainment. Their commitment to Godís cause will become legendary. They know that their obedience will be the key to ongoing success and kingdom advancement.

God will show kindness to these choice instruments by opening for them opportunities that cannot come otherwise. They will be in the right places at the right time doing God things while producing God kind of results! Some will be in the area of business while others could be in the areas of someoneís salvation, healing or deliverance. God will use these choice instruments to carry out major work for kingdomkingdom advancement.

Those who choose to do His will and to finish it will find this special favour of a God who will cause all things to work together for good to those who love God and to those who are called according to His purpose. (Romans 8:28)

Righteous will Become More Rrighteous

The forth significant feature of this Year of Acceleration is that the Righteous will become more righteous and the wicked will become more wicked. The gap between the righteousrighteous and the wicked will become wider and wider and youíll be able to discern the true from the false. All grey areas of compromise in lifestyles, doctrines and human personalities will become clearer. You will know the wicked as wicked and the false prophets as a false prophet, God will expose the true nature of the false ministries!

This Year is the Year of Separation. The wicked will be gathered together. The righteous will be gathered together. The Father will remove all stumbling blocks from His kingdom so that the righteous sons will shine in the kingdom of their father. (Matthew 13:40 - 43)

God has tolerated the wicked and stumbling blocks in His kingdom until now. He is gathering those who are His. (2 Timothy 2:19). The Lord knows those who are His Prophets and His Apostles. Many are operating in His Name but do not carry His nature. Many are trying to speak for Him even though He had not sent them. Many across the earth are going to be exposed as Balaam was.

False ministries, false teachings and doctrines will be exposed by the light of the revelation of the Holy Spirit. So we will AGAIN distinguish between the righteous and the wicked, between one who serves God and one who does not serve Him (Mal 3:18)

The true conditions of the hearts of people are going to be exposed before God. The Word of God when it is sown exposes the condition of the hearts already present before the sower. (Matthew 13:3 - 9) The prophetic anointing will help to reveal the quality of hearts even in our congregations. (1 Corinthians 14:24 - 25)

True Apostolic Grace

No heart will be able to hide before His Presence. No false ministries will be able to keep on deceiving the elect and righteous. God is raising up true shepherds and teachers who will teach by revelation and impart insights that will protect the elect from being deceived. God will reveal truth to expose deception and false doctrines. God will reveal true apostles who will model true apostolicapostolic grace and lifestyles that we will be able to discern those who are false. (Revelations 2:2)

God will put into the righteous the ability to become better and better but He will remove His grace from the wicked in that they can only become more and more wicked. This will expose them because the grace of repentance is taken away and they are enroute to hell. This is going to be true of saints in the kingdom!

In this year of separation, the righteous will be set on course towards their destiny. They will become better and better and move into greater measures of grace and glory. They can only become better and better. The only way they can go is up. It would to be impossible to curse that which has been blessed. (Numbers 23:11, 24:10)

In Genesis 26:12 - 16, it reveals that when Isaac sowed himself in obedience to God, he reaped a hundred fold for his obedience. What is stated after that is phenomenal. "The Lord blessed him and the MAN became rich and continued to grow richer until he became very wealthy." When Isaac obeyed God, God put into him an impartation of a prevailing seed so that the man carried within him the power of increase and multiplication! The Bible did not say he became rich rather the man became rich and continues to grow richer until he became very wealthy. There was a dynamics within him that was breaking through from the inside. Out of his inner most being rivers of living water was flowing out. The Philistines acknowledge he was becoming too powerful for them. They recognized that something was flowing into his life and flow out as power which they could not match. (verse 16)

The obvious manifestation of Godís grace upon his life became an object of envy among the Philistine. This will set the righteous apart with distinguished features of divine dynamics and nature that makes them favoured before God. The wicked will not be so as the presence of God and the dynamics of the Holy Spirit will not flow through them. The days of separation are here upon us. The day of accountability is also the day of reckoning. God will begin His judgment in His house. He will separate the good fish from the bad and the good hearts from the weak and the tares from the wheat!

The fifth significant feature in this Year of Acceleration is that God will release the power to make wealth and give us the wisdom to administer it. I believe that God has been raising His kingdom government upon choice instruments who will have a portfolio of a finance minister. "They will spend from the pocket of Jehovah" my covenant friend Dr. Tunde Bakare says.

These finance ministers will be positioned to draw resources into the move of God so that Godís purposes will be fulfilled and His kingdom government advanced. They will have the grace not only to make wealth but also the power to gather wealth or accumulate wealth. Some will also be given the grace to discover wealth that is hidden but reserved for kingdom use. These generation of finance ministers are more than just givers but governmental ministries that represents the government of heaven. They will finance the harvest and kingdom ventures through aligning themselves to those moving in the Holy Spirit. They will be on site where the move of God is happening. They will be where God is moving to release resources to accelerate what God has begun. They will allocate resource to all the plans of God already approved in the parliament of heaven.

Many of todayís kingdom givers will be promoted to governmental authority to distribute what God has in His kingdom. Many of these choice instruments will have quick access to resources and they will be there to finance kingdom advance.

Our mission giving must be re-evaluated as much of our resources are going towards sustaining someone on an administrative job! Many resources are being channel to grounds that have termites and these givers wonder why their seed did not return in blessings towards them! The teachings on kingdom finance need an accurate apostolic interpretation as much of the doctrines in the church are propagated by teachers rather than apostles!

There is a new breed without greed rising on the horizons across the nations of the earth. I believe God will position these ministers of His Kingdom to redistribute His resources toward His purposes. Giving money to sustain a person is an inaccurate way of training someone for financial breakthroughs. That is the reason why so many are looking towards foreign support or support from others to help them finish their cause on the earth. Our faith will make us whole. Our faith must be in God rather than in what others have. We must financially support everyone on the frontlines of ministry who are advancing Godís purposes in the region. There are some worthy labourers who deserve double honour and these must be searched and supported. But I am speaking of those who receive honorarium without honour!

During this Year of Acceleration, the Lord has also given warnings about areas that would cause those who are set on course towards destiny to become derailed. The devil will do everything possible to deceive even the elect. In every journey of life there are precautions to take and warnings to heed. This year 2005 is no exception.

The first area of warning is in the area of anxiety, frustration and bitterness caused by strained relationship. God has promised to release PEACE that passes all understanding so that we will crush the serpent under our feet (Rom 16:20). Isaac moved out from his fatherís wells and dug his own wells (Gen 26:19 - 21). Two of those wells were called Esek (which means contention) and Sitnah (which means enmity). In our journeying this year, be forewarned of any relationship around you that can bring a negative contentions spirit against your life. God will preserve you from everyone who will stand in opposition to you and resist you as you advance towards your destiny. There is a strong provision of Peace to cover your mind in the day of battle from fear and anxiety. The attack of the enemy is to arrest your mind with fear, anxiety and confusion in order to paralyze you in acting and executing Godís will and plans for your life. Like Isaac move away from these positions of resistance on your life and turn towards Rehoboth! (Gen 26:22) The Lord promised that His peace will guard your mind and heart. (Is 26:3) Do not press the panic button and become reactive. Be still in the strength of His presence upon your life and the Lord who is your shepherd will act on your behalf.

In this year of Acceleration, many events and situation can cause your heart to fret and fear. But keep your heart from anxiety. Keep your emotions from becoming entangled in the mess of the situations. Guard your heart with all diligence for all the issue of life flow from it (Proverbs 4:23). Do not be drawn into strained relationship and become contaminated by an offence. Move away from there and go towards a broader place for expression and fruitfulness!

The second area of the Lordís warning was in the issue of protection from blitz attacks the enemy may launch against the elect. The Lord has promised those who are covered by divine authority and those who walk under submission will be protected by lighting attacks the enemy will launch against those who are journeying towards their destiny. The reason for these attacks is to draw us away from our focus and to derail us. A fast car can get off the road if it does not negotiate accurately to avoid a sudden movement into its pathway. The unexpected remark, the unexpected outburst, the sudden change of heart or events can catch all of us by surprise. Protect yourselves by coming under spiritual authority who will cover you with prayer and godly counsel. Those with information in their head will only give you advice but those with the Word of the Lord in their mouth will give you the counsel of the Lord.

The issue of covering will be a major object of contention as the spirit of lawlessness will be on the rise. Many budding ministries will become target of the spirit of lawlessness and succumb to the temptation of walking alone. These will be singled out for devastation.

Covering is provided by a headship ministry. Seek for someone over your lives who will cover you in prayer, counsel and provide input into your life, so that you grow into greater stature and into your destiny. The importance of receiving apostolic input cannot be diminished.

The issue of fathering will be challenged as confusions of the wrong patterns of control and manipulation will cause reactions of fear and anxiety. History often repeats itself in all restoration moves. People either swing to this side of the pendulum or the other. God will raise up true apostolic models of authority structures that will reveal Godís ancient boundaries of government.

God will raise up apostolic fathers who will be able to cover the church as Joseph did Mary and protect the seed that is within her. They will cover them through the power of covenant relationships and legalize the seed God has sown. Joseph did not use his privilege as a husband until the baby was born. A new generation of fathers is rising on the earth that will not destroy what is in their sons. They will not be threatened by what their sons are carrying within their hearts. True fathers will be there for their sons. We will see true apostolic covering that will provide supernatural protection from demonic attacks. The spiritual dimension of an apostolic spirit in the father can give the sons wisdom to act, courage to fight and ability to represent their fathers in true fashion in apostolic succession. The disciples and apostle could do what Jesus did not only because they were connected to Him in relationship on the earth but also by a spiritual dimension in the heavens. Jesus told them not to rejoice because the spirit is subject to them but rejoice that their names are recorded in heaven. Our names are intertwined and woven into His name. We are part of that name and carry equal authority over the power of hell. May Godís grace and protection be yours as you pursue towards your destiny.

Be blessed and stay connected.

(Prophetic word through Dr. Jonathan DavidJonathan David for 2005 - 7th January 2005. Visit his website here: www.jonathan-david.org)

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