Prophecy - 04 March 2004  Prophecy - 04 March 2004

Prophecy by Reverend Ron & Johanna Kussmaul on 04 March 2004.

For surely says the Lord, that which was and that which is will surely be poured out in a greater measure this year than you've seen before and I shall gather My body together and My body will prepare to make great gains in the earth. I shall continue to shake the earth so you shall continue to see things on your television that will tend to shake the normal person. Fearful sights and fearful sounds and things that deter and change nations but do not fear because these things must take place in order for My plan to be fulfilled. As you read your Bible from front to back you've always seen nations fall and nations rise. You've seen people go into captivity and physical bondage 70 years at a time, God's people, because they disobeyed.

Over and over and over I've had to take them on these trips and sojourns to train and get them and prepare and wait for another whole generation. I had to wait for another one to pass away. And I had to wait for another one to grow up, but I tell you, My people, I'm running out of generations. Your generation is very important to Me.

Use My Word and use it well. Step out on My faith and you shall surely be able to tell that you've believed for this and you've surely received it. Use what I have given you and never ever be deceived by the enemy. He knows your weaknesses, blind spots and all and his only exercise is to make you fall.

Never leave My Word, but use it as a sure path, straight and narrow, to walk through this life and danger you'll never see because you trust, have faith and exercise it in Me.

Ron: Speaking in Tongues.

Johanna: For the year that is before you will indeed be a year of more, but the year that is before you will be different than what you have thought, for though there will be more, you will always look to the plenty and the good, and that is all right for My children, but this year will be a year that is different and a year that will have more of the things that will cause others to fear.

So, determine in your hearts the path that you will take. Determine in your hearts to stand, determine in your hearts to withstand that when you arrive at the end of the year you will remain and though what you see around you may be different. It will be more, for you see that is the path I open to you. Choose the path you walk.

Ron: For I have created a sure foundation for you, the rock Christ Jesus, doing, hearing, seeing and operating in His Word. Doing the sayings of Jesus should surely provide for you a solid footing for you to walk through the things that will take place this year. Many things will take place, many things will change, things that we would say, O, God, we didn't want this, we prayed against it, we don't want it.

My Divine will must be exercised in the earth, you can pray all you want to, but when My will is the other direction, My will will take place and precedence over your will. Know this and understand it. I must have certain things put in place, good things and evil. No, I don't place the evil things, but I lift My Hand from a nation and all of a sudden things change. The only reason I lift My Hand is because they disobeyed and disobeyed and disobeyed and disobeyed and disobeyed. I sent warnings, I sent angels and I sent men of God and women of God, I sent My prophets and apostles to point the way back to Me, but they won't come into line with My Word and they begin to hinder My time schedule.

For we're on a great race, you and I and we're headed at a fearful pace and it's faster than you think and it's slipping like grains of sand through the hourglass. It cannot and it will not last forever, but you're a chosen generation, you're a blessed people and I shall use you in the midst of what appears to be turmoil.

Ron: Speaking In Tongues

Johanna: And I will use you in the midst of turmoil because I have heated you and beaten on you as I have prepared you to stretch and to reach out and to touch the areas of Me. I have equipped you and I have unleashed you to be used as the extension of My hand in these coming months and years.

Ron: For many people in many places, will look towards you. Yes, they'll look toward you because they will see something on you that they don't have. They'll see something on you that's worth being in the midst of things that don't work and they'll wonder how My people are so blessed and so strengthened and so safe and so sound in the midst of the turmoil. No, I didn't create the turmoil, it happens all by itself in the earth system.

The earth system destructs and destroys itself over and over and over. The money system destroys itself and moves on, Military systems destroy themselves and move on. False religions destroy themselves and move on. Nothing that happens surprises Me, says God, because I've seen it all before.

This is simply a rerun of an old movie to Me and I understand that and that's the way I look at it. I know exactly where it's going to end and I know exactly where it's going and I know exactly what I need you to do.

There will be more activity (Ron speaking in tongues) of angels in the earth and understand this, that's not My best, that's not My best, that's not My best. But I inject an infusion of angels who'll be seen visibly. They'll talk to people and they'll do certain things, they'll even minister and deliver messages at times, but it's because people have been hardhearted and shallow and hard of hearing and dull of heart that I've had to use them and inject them back into the earth. But they'll be seen in many nations around the earth for the next three years.

Understand it and realize that there will be phenomenon upon phenomenon that is unexplainable, saith the Lord, and no one will understand how it happened, but I have done it through My messengers and I will deliver words over nations.

The power, the power of the Spirit shall intercept the power of the earth and things that did not happen in sequence, in quality and in quantity for a very long time will happen over and over again.

Many dead will be raised. Through that, I will shake many nations, prayers will be answered instantly, translation from one place to another shall take place.

I shall raise up and exalt those who can handle it. I've lost many of My people because they could not handle it, but I know those who can. Those who can keep that cloak of humility, they shall surely excel and exceed in the things of life. But in the midst of it, they shall be of no reputation for I shall keep them totally untarnished, saith the Lord.

They are Mine and they shall do exactly what I shall have them to do and they shall be exactly what I shall have them to be and they shall shine like lights in the darkness. Men will try to exalt them and they shall humble themselves in the midst of it. People shall say great things about them and they shall take it as nought for they shall be a pure, sanctified people before Me. And they shall live lives that are exemplary in the sight of My body and because of that a spirit shall go forth; a spirit of excellence, a spirit of quality and a spirit of strength in the heart of My people that has been missing for centuries and a mighty people should be raised up at this time. A people of integrity that will be drawn one to another and that integrity --- a spirit of honesty and pure heartedness --- will flow from them and it will be like a magnet to draw them, one another, together. They shall recognize one another on the streets by the Spirit.

They should commune with one another in a holy band and I shall use them (Ron speaking in tongues) like a sharp three bladed arrow, Father, Son and Holy Spirit and I shall sharpen this group of people to penetrate through the shallowness and beyond into the pure righteous concepts that I have laid forth in My Word.

It shall cost an awesome price to a few, but they should be examples of glory as in days of old and they shall provide a standard for the others to bear that will never dip its colors in the face of the enemy. And I shall use them in greater measures quietly around the earth to produce the setting for the last days.

Know that I am counting upon you, know that I understand, know that I am compassionate, know that I will strengthen you, know that I am watching you every moment of your day, know that I am with you, My children, not only today, but in every single way.

(Prophecy by Reverend Ron & Johanna Kussmaul on 04 March 2004.

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