Word for South Africa - 03 October 2003  Word for South Africa - 03 October 2003

Prophetic word through Dr Jonathan David for South Africa - 3rd October 2003 in Boksburg, South Africa. Visit his website here: www.jonathan-david.org.

I believe there is a spiritual release. In 1994 when God released this nation from the powers that held you back and the sanctions of the world that has kept you behind. - God gave you a new start.

I want you to know in 2004 there is a fresh wind coming to South Africa. This is what the wind will do: The wind WILL remove the chaff. There is a wind coming 10 years after the first wind of 1994 this is the wind that's coming in 2004. I see it written in the heavens tonight. This wind is coming to blow across South Africa and God is going to remove the chaff, all the stubble, the wood and the hay. God is just going to blow it all across until it is swallowed up in the sea!

You will see a new grain, new seeds, rising all across South Africa. God will begin to take this seed and not just plant it in South Africa but He is going to plant that seed all across Africa, a little here, a little there, a little here, a little there. It shall go all the way up north to Europe. There will be men and women that will rise from South Africa they will go into Europe, go into Russia, they will go right up into the Eastern blocks. God says - I'm going to send the wind in 2004 and I'm going to move the chaff out of the land.

And this time God says I want you to hide in My presence, for a strong wind of my Spirit WILL COME! There will be judgement in My house; there will be dealings in My house. I will disqualify men who hold places and positions that they should not hold. I will remove, I will cleanse, I will put aside and sanctify so that the seed that I have planted in South Africa will not be hidden because of the chaff - it will not be covered because of the chaff! And God says, I'm going to remove everything that is not of ME and reveal that which I have begun in South Africa.

Ten years, ten years that the Lord has been working. In those ten years God has sown seeds in this land. Those seeds are going to be revealed ! His seeds are going to be reveal, His truth is going to be revealed, His ministries are going to be revealed, His churches are going to be revealed, His people are going to be revealed. That which is of Him shall be revealed but that which is not of Him will be removed by the strong wind that is coming.

I see the Lord is saying this word, from now until then, hide in prayer, hide in My Presence, hide in My presence, pray, guard yourself, keep yourself in the presence of the Most Holy God, hide yourself in the secret place of the Almighty. For the strong wind will come and sweep over. God will remove men, God will remove ministries and God will remove even whole churches because that which is not of Him SHALL be removed. The seeds will begin to spread everywhere. God will sow South Africa as a seed into the nations in Africa, into the nations in Europe. Get ready men of God, pastors, leaders get ready for the hour is coming when the strong wind of the Holy Ghost will begin to come and cleanse. Hide yourself in His Presence!

And then he Prayed:

Ask the Lord, "let me remain in Your Presence, let me not be that one that will be removed but I will remain, I will stay, I will abide".

Prophecy Continued:

I see in the spirit that God is looking for fruits in the land. After 10 years He is looking for a harvest. The reason why He wants to do that is because He is going to take the seed and sow. Seed for the Sower! Will you allow your church to be the seed that I can sow into the continent of Africa. One of the reasons why there is so much chaos, so much religious politics, is because everybody is concentrating on the small country of Africa - South Africa. God says I want you to look as far as you can see and I will give it to you. Lift up your eyes and see - have I not set the land before you, have I not set the continent of Africa for you? Then why struggle to keep the few, see beyond these boundaries for I will cause you even to spread to the north, south, the east and west. Far and wide you shall spread.

And then he Prayed:

Holy Spirit we ask of You to send this wind as promised. 2004 - ten years after we have been liberated, sanctions been removed and called to the studying line - ten years have passed. O God, we hear You by Your Spirit that You will cleanse the chaff, remove the chaff so that that which You have begun - will be seen. O God we pray that fruits will glorify You; there will be fruits that will remain by the Power of the Spirit.


Give yourself completely to God because the years ahead will be years when God will begin to measure our lives. If you are a pastor or a leader, a minister I want you to lift your hearts because God is coming by His Spirit - the winds will blow everything that is not of Him out and that which is of Him will only remain because He is coming to look for fruit, fruit in South Africa. Not talk, not meetings, not religious activities but fruit in the seeds that we have sown. Now the harvest is coming.

Lord we dedicate our lives to You - we give ourselves completely to You. We know You have moved the powers of hell out, but this wind is coming to move everything that is not of You out. Only that which is of You will remain. Lift your hearts to Him, lift your lives to Him. There is no higher call; there is no greater pathway. The year ahead of us is going to be a significant time and we have a couple of months more to hide ourselves in His presence, to get our lives sorted because the wind is coming, strong winds of the Holy Ghost will remove the chaff from the grain, remove the tares from the wheat, remove the wicked from the righteous so that which is of Him will remain. Then He will begin to take that and sow all across as He has promised.

(Prophetic word through Dr Jonathan David for South Africa - 3rd October 2003 in Boksburg, South Africa. Visit his website here: www.jonathan-david.org)

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