Prophecy - 02 October 2003  Prophecy - 02 October 2003

Prophetic Words by Reverend Ron Kussmaul on 02 October 2003.

"For the Word of The Lord came unto me Saying:

I shall divide the nations and I shall separate them. I shall divide the people and I shall separate them. I shall divide the sheep from the goats. I shall divide those that follow Me from those that follow darkness.

And I shall surely do a thing in your sight where signs and wonders and miracles abound and you shall see these things and not understand in the natural, but if you follow your spirit, you'll know exactly what you are dealing with and you'll be led by your spirit.

When others are full of great fear, you'll be full of great hope. So, grow the level of your faith and link it to that great Hope and what others lose you shall gain.

I shall do this to nations. I shall do this to provinces. I shall do this to cities. I shall do this to areas of cities. And I shall bring that division.

Did I not tell you when I was on the earth? I did not come to bring peace at that time - I came to bring division. The mother-in-law against the daughter-in-law and the daughter-in-law against the mother-in-law. A son-in-law against the father-in-law.

Did I not say these things? Did they not come to pass then as a small sign to you? They're coming now upon the earth so that I can set My timetable in order.

And through this, I will adjust what needs to be adjusted to put this earth back on My time schedule. For the time grows short and things must be done and you must hear My Spirit and be ready to run. You will run and be productive all the days of your life, if you do not fear and enter into strife. But those that struggle will always have trouble and wind up fighting spiritual warfare both day and night. They'll not see the blessings when they come by for the taking, because they're focused on the defeated enemy and they're fighting him.

It's time for you, now, to see by My Spirit and to look through the periscope of My Word because My Word will literally come to pass in these last days, openly, in the streets and cities will be taken in a matter of days. Nations will be taken in a matter of weeks and My anointing will run heavily through the streets and it shall flow like absolute rivers of living water.

But, beware! For there are those grandstanders, showmen without true signs and wonders and miracles that would lead you astray and stop your momentum and your forward progress and the things of The King.

So focus on the Word of God. Develop the habit of righteousness. Develop the habit of holiness, have intimate fellowship with Me and you'll see exactly that what My Word has said, will be.

It will come to pass, it will surely happen and it will last, saith The Lord. You shall see it and enter into it because you've acknowledged Me and blatantly, openly, you will see and recognize the false from the real and My Word will reveal it to you and My Spirit will show it to you openly.

Father, in Jesus' name, we thank You for this time and, Lord, we praise You and we worship You. Father, I love the moving of Your Spirit. O, Jesus, I love it when You show up and do the things that only You can do. So, Holy Spirit, I pray over every person. By the Spirit, I anoint their eyes with salve. By the Spirit, I open their ears.

If You speak, they will hear and, Father, they will say, "Speak, Lord, for Thy servant heareth." For Father, we're growing servants in this meeting, people who will swear unto their own hurt and not change, just like You. And Father, we'll pay our vows when we vow them. We'll stop when we need to stop, change direction when we need to change direction, and, Father, we will repent rapidly for the errors and mistakes of our lives, not clinging onto them so that we take major detours in this time.

And, Father, I pray for the peace of God on every heart. I touch them now, Lord Jesus, and I fill them with the Spirit of Peace in Jesus' name and, Father, I thank You that we, in this room, will rejoice many times over the great things You will do to us and through us as You open the Greatness of God and the wealth of this nation and the world to us, Lord God.

Father, we're raising students and stewards in the House of God, students who will rightly divide that Word and walk it out daily, Stewards of God who can truthfully say "Not my will, but Yours God."

Ron ( Praying in Tongues).

Mighty God, What a wonder You are !

Father, I pray in Jesus' Name that You will cause that Word to quicken inside each person, change our lives forever, Lord.


(Prophecy by Reverend Ron Kussmaul on 02 October 2003.

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