Word for the Church - 11 October 2003  Word for the Church - 11 October 2003

The voice of the Lord came to me suddenly on Saturday morning, saying;

I am initiating a new season of change and uprooting in the Church and the world, in order to set a platform for the revelation of My Glory in the earth.

Changes have come into My Church during the past few years shaking the "established" ways and methods of man, and offending many who have followed after Me in word but not in deed.

These tendencies will continue as this new season of change commences.

Because of these changes and "offences" many will choose to separate themselves from the Body and follow their own agendas and ideas. Be warned, if they do not repent, many will become wolves in sheep’s clothing and should you not be careful, you will be led astray not so much by the doctrine you hear them preach, but by the unseen spirit that drives them.

They will look and sound as though they are following the Truth, but the spirit behind them will not be Mine.

Many have and will continue to point to Me and say, "I am the Christ", but their hearts will not be with Me.

Many of the changes that I am releasing into the Body of Christ will start to manifest within the next 12 months, says the Lord.

Therefore be careful which voices you listen to and who’s doctrines you allow to influence your lives.

Many of these changes will happen suddenly and unexpectedly.

Firstly, to facilitate change, I have started removing some of My Generals who have run a full race and who have been faithful to me in fulfilling their callings. There will be more of My generals who will be taken out of the earth at this time, but I am not saying that you will hear about it in the media.

Nonetheless, I am removing some of them so others who have been waiting in the "wings" can move into position and into My perfect will for their lives.

However, this is only a sign to you in the natural of what I have already begun in the spiritual.

You will begin to see leadership changes not only in the Church, but also in the leadership of Nations, Companies and Business, as well as changes in the leadership of the Military, Police, and similar organisations.

When I bring changes in Leadership, the principle of a "new broom sweeps clean" comes into operation.

For every mission I call a Man or a Woman to, there is a specific method to bring the vision and mission into manifestation, and this method is what will facilitate many of the changes I am bringing into the earth.

You see, I look for men and women who are prepared to do whatever it takes to accomplish their mission and vision (this also goes for those who do not serve Me), and despite the fact that the method and way they may implement their vision might be offensive to the "establishment" and "status quo" of the day, I will use them to bring change.

I remind you that the "king’s heart is in My hand and as rivers of water I turn it whichever way I please".

So, whosoever is pure of heart and is willing to go and flow with the spiritual reformation I am releasing into the earth, that person will be used by Me to accomplish My will and purposes.

Does My Word not say that in the "last days" I will pour out My Spirit on ALL flesh? This means all flesh – both "saved" and "unsaved" flesh.

This means that whenever you come into contact with any person on the face of the earth, My Spirit will already have been "poured" out upon them and they will have been prepared to receive your ministry.

So, when you trust Me to appoint the correct leaders in their respective positions, know that My Spirit has already been working in their lives irrespective of the fact that you may or may not agree with their doctrines, policies, religious or political views.

I will have My way in the earth at this time and I will no longer allow the enemy’s strongholds to stand in My way and in the way of the advancement of My Church!

Together with fresh leadership there will come a fresh revelation of My Word. Many of the "new" leaders I am releasing at this time will build on what they have learnt from and were taught by My Generals.

However, this fresh revelation will come at a price (those who have laid their lives down) and will be accompanied by a fresh Anointing not seen before in many parts of My Church.

This Anointing I am releasing upon My Word will manifest the yoke destroying and bondage breaking power of My Spirit in a new way.

Not only will this anointing be released from the "pulpit", but as my people go about their daily tasks, they will find that even in ordinary conversations with friends or strangers, they will see the power of My Spirit moving upon the lives of people.

There will be a manifestation of the Gifts of My Spirit in an unprecedented way and it will be wise of you to make sure that you remain sensitive and in tune with My Spirit at all times.

However, be warned that this fresh fire will be resisted fiercely by those who refuse to change, and as with those who were sinful in the presence of My Glory before the Ark of the Covenant, the fire will consume those who are stiff-necked and hard of heart.

Also note that many of My servants who flow with Me, will be deemed to be proud and arrogant by those who harbour religion in their hearts, as these servants of Mine will be judged according to the flesh and not according to the Spirit.

Because of religious resistance, many churches will close down and be forgotten, their leadership turning to the world and backsliding to the detriment of many of the sheep who follow them.

This will cause a rift in many sections of My Body, but to those who discern correctly after the flesh, the blessing of My spirit will be lavished upon them because they have received the "prophet" in the name of a "prophet".

The second change I am bringing is the way finances will be brought into the Church and handled by My people.

Yes, I am releasing financial prosperity into the Church, but it will only come to those who have proven themselves to be good stewards.

The good stewards are those who have not compromised their integrity in the times of severe lack and chose to continue to honour Me with all of their substance.

Some who are extremely prosperous now, will find their supplies starting to dwindle because of unethical practises they have allowed into their lives and businesses. However, if they humble themselves and pray, and seek My face, I will reveal to them the error of their ways and when they lay down their lives to follow Me in everything they do, I will open the sluice-gates of heaven in a way they have never seen before.

On the other hand, if they do not repent, I will after a season allow them to be publicly exposed, and although this is not My will and way to embarrass My children, the laws of your land have to run the full course.

Remember, where your treasure is, there will your heart be, and if the treasure in your heart is good, you will bring forth good fruit. So, continue to keep your hearts pure and continue to walk in My way so that your fruit may be good and your light may be seen by those around you.

Another change I am bringing into the Church is a change to the structure and method many of My servants have implemented to mobilise the Church to pray.

Yes, it is My will and desire that you pray at all times with all manner of prayer, and, yes, it is My will and desire that you petition Me for an outpouring of My Spirit!

However, much of the prayer initiated in this way is based on doubt and unbelief and reveals a severe lack of Who I Am and what My Word has to say about issues.

It is not the amount of prayer that is important, but the faith and unity that is evident at the time the prayer is prayed.

Does My Word not say that even the heathen think they will be heard because of their "much speaking"? I call this vain repetition and many of you are busy with vain repetition.

I would rather you spend time with Me and get to know Me, but instead you think you are heard because you repeat prayers everyone else is praying.

I prefer to answer one anointed word cried out in intercessory agony and travail from the bottom of your heart than all the words spoken as if by religious rote.

Remember, prayer and intercession is a ministry of helps in My Body, and not a Five-fold ministry as many have made it out to be.

Much of the praying at present is aimed at the symptom of the problem rather than the root of the problem. Many prayers are aimed at the devil instead of the hearts of men and women where the real power for change is seated.

When the hearts of men and women are changed, they will change they way they think and do things, and this will result in lasting spiritual change in the Church and in society. 

I am presently "downloading" fresh revelation into the hearts of leaders of prayer movements, and I am raising up proper Apostolic and Prophetic leadership to come in and correct the errors that have been promulgated by many.

Your prayers will change and become more powerful as you listen to My Spirit and obey Him in praying for the root of problems and not simply the symptoms.

Remember, one Word from My Spirit spoken out in prayer and laced with Faith and My Anointing can bring change not only to individuals, but also to cities, geographical territories and nations.

During this time of change and upheaval, find your rest in Me and not in the things which religion and the world have to offer you.

My Word says for you to "strive and labour to enter My rest, so you won’t fall by the wayside because of unbelief".

Seek My Face and build relationship with Me and you will see My Glory revealed through earthen vessels.

My Glory shall cover the earth and My Kingdom shall be revealed in the earth.

(This prophecy given to Jan van Rooyen on 11 October 2003 after a season of communing with the Lord and listening to His Spirit)

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