What in the World is God Doing?

Jan van Rooyen emphasizing a Principle from the Word of God

Jan van Rooyen emphasizing a Principle from the Word of God

South Africa is mandated by God to play an important role with regards to world affairs as we move closer to the end of the Age.

Aside from the important Spiritual role our nation will play in the future, South Africa will also set the trend economically and lead the way as far as the economic recovery of many other nations on the African Continent.

The role of the Church with regards to this economic trend cannot be understated, since she is called to be the salt and light in an arena which will otherwise remain subject to the carnality and greed of man.

The Church has a Prophetic Voice which must be heard in all Economic Spheres on the face of the earth - the Church can longer stand quietly on the side in silence!

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