Friday, September 14, 2001
FROM: Jan & Annika van Rooyen
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1.)... Dear RAIN International Partner
2.)... A New Era Has Begun...
3.)... We prayed on Wednesday
4.)... Interpretation of WTC events
5.)... A Few Final Thoughts
6.)... Giving and Sowing

Dear RAIN International Partner

On the morning of Tuesday the 11th September 2001, the world
was rudely awakened to the devastating effects and realities of
urban terrorism.

Although the phenomenon of regular bomb blasts, terror attacks
and general violence and anarchy has become a way of life in
many countries, the sheer scale of what happened in New York
and Washington DC has sent shockwaves throughout the US
and the rest of the world.

In the wake of what happened, we were desperately searching
within our spirit for an indication from the Holy Spirit about His
thoughts concerning all these horrific events.

On Wednesday 12th September we spent many hours (inbetween
watching the events unfold on Television) praying and seeking the
face of God.

What follows is a summary of what we believe the Lord is saying at
this time. The words to follow are by no means meant to replace or
negate what many men and women of God around the world are
saying. These words simply serve to confirm and possibly add to
the entire picture.

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2.)... A New Era Has Begun...

During June of 2001, we heard the Spirit saying that a new era
had begun. We were not entirely sure what He meant by this, but
we nonetheless started ministering on the topic.

(We released a newsletter on this subject Thursday, June 07,
2001. We will be forwarding a repeat of this letter to you directly
after this letter).

During times of teaching and at prayer meetings we continued to
release this word to God's people, and as we did so, the Lord
started to give us glimpses of what this "new era" is all about.

The main thrust of what we sensed at the time was that the
Lord was calling His Body to a higher place of consecration
in conjunction with a greater seeking of the Lord in prayer.
We sensed that the result of this would be a definite stepping
up in the authority and anointing with which God wants to use
His Church.

We believe this increase in authority and anointing has a direct
impact on the way that the Lord wants to raise His Church in true
New Testament ministry and Apostolic authority.

It is definitely the time for God's true Apostles and Prophets to
step forward from their previous place of obscurity!

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3.)... We prayed on Wednesday

During our time of prayer on Wednesday, we sensed the Lord
saying the following to us:

a. The whole of creation is crying out for the revelation of the sons
of God, and the events in the US are simply "birth pangs" to
precede this revelation (Romans 8:18 - 23; Matthew 24:8).

b. The time has come for the Church to arise as a mighty army of
Love. A mighty army filled with God's Love for humanity, yet
walking in a spiritual authority not seen before. This authority will
be Apostolic in nature and through this authority the Church will
pull down demonic strongholds that have stood unchallenged for
many centuries.

c. It is time for the corporate Son of God to be revealed in His
sons and daughters who constitute the true Church. Sons and
daughters moving in an Apostolic and Prophetic anointing with
accompanying strategies to win the lost and destroy strongholds.

d. This is a definite time of stepping up into another realm of the
Holy Spirit. A realm where believers must walk close to God, but
where they will walk above the strategies of the enemy if they are
prepared to pay the price in regards to prayer and consecration
(Philippians 3:13; 2 Corinthians 3:18).

e. It is a time of soul-searching and a time of deep repentance.

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4.)... Interpretation of WTC events

Although we believe and know that to make instant assessments
concerning these events could lead to serious errors in judgment,
we also understand that any prophetic insight and revelation
concerning Tuesday's events will be progressive and will continue
for weeks, months and even years to come.

In this light we make this submission to you, and we keep our
hearts open to the Lord to continue speaking to us and even
correct us if we have misinterpretted what He is saying.

a. We firstly believe that God is saying that the entire WTC
tradegy is a sign, and that in performing this evil deed the enemy
has completely overplayed his hand and revealed his full agenda
to the world and the Church.

Also understand that the Lord could have stopped this entire
event, and although we do not believe that God is the author of
this kind of suffering, pain and tradegy, something in the spiritual
realm was not completely in line with God's will and this caused an
opening in the"hedge" allowing the enemy to break through.

With regards to the enemy overplaying his hand, we remind you
of the following verse in 1 Corinthians 2:7 and 8;

"But we speak the wisdom of God in a mystery, even the hidden
wisdom, which God ordained before the world unto our glory:
Which none of the princes of this world knew: for had they known
it, they would not have crucified the Lord of glory."

If satan had known how God would mobilize His Church after this
tradegy in the US, he certainly would not have done what he has.
The events at the WTC have certainly served as a serious wake
up call to the entire world (including the Church), and we believe
the effects of what was done, actually goes far beyond what the
enemy can even begin to comprehend and understand.

b. We believe this attack to be instigated and executed by satan
himself, which means that he is to a measure aware of the
seriousness of the hour and his imminent demise. To us this
means that we as the Church are entering a new era of an
unprecendented outpouring of God's Spirit across the world.

It also means that it is time for the army of God across the world
to unite and arise to crush this enemy under its feet. It is time for
the Church to press in and receive from God the battle plans that
will defeat the enemy around every turn.

The type of warfare we are entering into at this time can be
compared to what is commonly known as "guerilla" warfare.
A type of warfare that is conducted by insurgents masquerading
as members of a local community. This means that the enemy is
right in the midst of friendly forces, and can wreak havock if it
remains undetected.

Yet, despite the use of carnal weapons by the enemy, his arsenal
cannot even come close to what the Church has been given by
God. Spiritual weapons that have been designed by the Lord to
destroy the works of the enemy, and set captive people, families,
cities, and nations free!

The problem has been that the enemy is "skilled" in the use of his
weapons whereas the Church has not been skilled in the use of
its spiritual weapons. We believe that this has just become a thing
of the past. The Church is taking up arms in an unprecendented
manner and learning how to use them as never before.

We also believe that the ability of the enemy to remain undetected
for long periods of time amongst God's friendly forces, has come
to an abrupt end. God is releasing Prophetic and Apostolic
insight into His leaders and into His Church to such an extent that
hostile strategies will be revealed even before hostile actions can
begin to have an effect.

c. The seasons and the times we live in have irrevocably changed.
No longer can we as the Church sit back and expect someone
else to do our praying for us. No longer can the Church simply sit
back and expect the world to take care of itself. It is time for the
Church to mobilize itself and step forward in faith and take
the land and protect it.

The Church can no longer rely on its"natural" abilities and
programmes (as wonderful as these may be), but the recent
events constitute a serious call to arms, and this means a greater
pressing into God which will result in a greater flow of God's Spirit
and the release of an Anointing and Authority that will keep the
Church in a safe place as it continues to press forward in its
mission to obey the Great Commission.

d. We believe the WTC attacks are also a sign that the enemy
would try and stop the release of finances into the Kingdom of
God. For a number of years now, we have heard the Lord say that
He is releasing a flow of finances into the Church which will
enable the Church to finance the preaching of the Gospel in a
manner not possible previously.

As the Church we believe that it is our responsibility to pray for
the economy and to trust the Lord that Christians everywhere will
continue to obey God's instructions with regards to tithing and
giving. As we continue to do so, we believe that economies in
different nations (including the USA), will be turned around and
God will release finances into the Church and Christian owned
businesses as never before.

It is our belief that as believers this is also a time of introspection
with regards to our motives when it comes to finances and the
abundant prosperity God has promised. Greed and selfishness
can have no place in our lives if we are to enjoy this release of
wealth that God has for us.

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5.)... A Few Final Thoughts a. It is a time of breaking through into higher levels - stepping up.
b. Time of taking up of spiritual arms (Joel 3:9-21).
c. God is unstopping spiritual wells (Genesis 26).
d. Greater levels of anointing and authority but also consecration.
e. A time of re-equipping - new spiritual weapons, training.
f. Release of fresh anointings and mantles to faithful. God has
been waiting for the right time and people (2 Kings 2:9).
g. The world has never been as ripe for God's Apostolic and
Prophetic Company as it is now.
h. Like the sons of Issachar, it is time for those who can discern
the times to arise, take their posotions and lead the way.
i. Those Churches and Leaders who have been hidden in
obscurity will now come forward from the womb of the Spirit
where they have been secretly prepared by the Lord.
j. The season has irrevocably changed forever.

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In Conclusion

Our prayers are with you and we trust the Lord that His will be
done in your life and ministry.

In the Father's Love and Anointing

Jan & Annika van Rooyen
(Directors RAIN International)

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